Pack Like A Pro- 10 Packing Hacks That Will Change Your Move

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  1. Keep Track of Moving Expenses- Around every corner there is another little thing you need to get your house packed up and in a moving van, not to mention the cost of the moving van, gas, and food expenses that follow. But don’t fret, instead keep your receipts so you can claim those expenses on your taxes as deductions.
  2. Pack with a Guide- Packing a moving truck is daunting enough, try using a guide to effectively pack it. Try putting things you’ll need access to first, in the truck last.
  3. Pack An Overnight Bag- Moving can feel like the farthest thing from a vacation, but a necessary denominator is an overnight bag. If you are moving far away, there will be several days of travel in which you will need access to toiletries, changes of clothes etc. Think of it as one less bag to put in the trailer.
  4. Hang Clothes Directly in a Garbage Bag- For those of you who have tried to pack hangers, how long did you try before you nearly threw away your entire hanger collection? Hangers are not easily packed and take up lots of space if packed on their own. Instead, leave your clothes on the hanger and just bag them up all together. It will save you time and any sanity you have left.
  5. Plate Stacking with Styrofoam- Packing plates can be nerve-wracking, especially if they are a family heirloom or have other sentimental properties. To Keep your plates preserved, try stacking the plates with Styrofoam plates in-between. If that is not the thickness you were looking for, try using towels.
  6. Sandwich Bags- This little magical bag will save your life! Amidst disassembling your home, there are lots of little parts and pieces that can easily be mixed up or lost. Try assembling one item at a time and putting the pieces into a labeled zip lock bag, then tape the bag to the item.
  7. Repurpose Items- With moving comes purging, but before you throw out all those old magazines, eyeglass cases and Ziplocs, think twice. Magazines could make great packing paper, shirt formers, or box dividers. Eyeglass cases make great bobby pin holders, storage for flash drives, or could actually hold your glasses. See above for the purpose of the little magic bag- Ziplocs.
  8. Make Copies of Important Documents- Moving comes with all kinds of documenting, for quick access to your social security cards, birth certificates etc., make copies. Of course, for some things you will need the original card, but having a copy made for quick access is never a terrible thing. Just keep it secure.
  9. Unpakt- Unpakt is an app/website that helps you book your move online. They compare prices of moving trucks, give you additional packing tips, and have live support if you need assistance. With boxes up to your eyeballs, the time for intensive research is not in your cards. Unpakt takes care of that research for you.
  10. Take Pictures Before You Move In- We know you’re excited to just get all your things into your new place, but you won’t regret taking this extra step. Walk the apartment and take photos of each room and any imperfections you see. It’s okay to be a little nit-picky. The purpose of doing this is to have “evidence” of what the apartment looked like before and after your stay there.   
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