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As a company, we have many policies in place that many of you may think are overkill, excessive, stupid, or meant to entrap you. I can assure you the policies are written with two main reasons in mind: To improve effectiveness and productivity, and because someone, somewhere has done something that has required us to put what you may think is ‘common sense’ into writing. Adhering to company policy will only make you more successful, and productive in your position. Even slight deviations in adherence to policy can have a monumental impact on down the line. An airline pilot by trade, Dieter Uchtdorf told the following story about following instructions perfectly; “In 1979 a large passenger jet with 257 people on board left New Zealand for a sightseeing flight to Antarctica and back. Unknown to the pilots, however, someone had modified the flight coordinates by a mere two degrees. This error placed the aircraft 28 miles (45 km) to the east of where the pilots assumed they were. As they approached Antarctica, the pilots descended to a lower altitude to give the passengers a better look at the landscape. Although both were experienced pilots, neither had made this flight before, and they had no way of knowing that the incorrect coordinates had placed them directly in the path of Mount Erebus, an active volcano that rises from the frozen landscape to a height of more than 12,000 feet. As the pilots flew onward, the white of the snow and ice covering the volcano blended with the white of the clouds above, making it appear as though they were flying over flat ground. By the time the instruments sounded the warning that the ground was rising fast toward them, it was too late. The airplane crashed into the side of the volcano, killing everyone on board.” Our actions are not typically life or death, as the pilots were, however in certain cases they are. Read the handbook, refresh your knowledge with the operations guide. If you have questions inquire with your supervisor.

-Greg Ellsworth

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