13 Ways You Know You Chose the Right City

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-The Scenery is Your Jam- You shouldn’t have to wait to use that Paid Time Off to be in a place that makes you happy. You chose the right city if you enjoy your surroundings whether it’s the city life, the shadedwoods, or sandy beaches.    

-Their Vibes are Your Vibes- You chose the right city if the people are your type of “people”, whether they are happy, introverted, mind their business, or want to be your best friend, you should be able to find your “crowd” if you’re in the right city.

-The Community- Every person is different and the community can be an indicator of that. You should be able to find your niche in the community you’ve chosen. Whether you like to use the public library, or love AYSO soccer games, you should be able to vibe with your community.

-Your Type of Fun is at Your Fingertips- Whether you like to go clubbing on the weekends or are more of a homebody, the type of fun you enjoy should be readily available to you if you’ve chosen the right city.

-Your Budget is a Happy Camper- A big part of choosing where to live, is deciding what you can afford. Sometimes this compromises some of your “wish list” items, however, most times you can get your “wish list” at a price that doesn’t break your bank.

-There are Opportunities to Grow- If you chose the right city, you won’t outgrow it. There will be opportunities to grow whether it’s at work, within your family, or in recreational efforts.

-You can Find Work in Your Field- Being able to provide for the lifestyle you want is no small task, however, if you chose the right city, you will be able to make ends meet.

-Being “Home” is Where You Want to Be- “There’s no place like home” is a common phrase, if you chose the right city, this will have a positive connotation and you’ll blossom in the place you’ve planted yourself.

-Schools Are an A+ – If you have children to think about, schooling is one of the number one concerns parents have. If you’ve chosen the right city for your family, your children will get the quality of education you want them to have.

-Taxes Aren’t Taxing on Your Bank Account- Some cities are very expensive to live due to city taxes, if you’ve made an excellent choice, the city taxes won’t cut into your bank account too deep. It’s all about the pro’s and con’s.

-Effective Transportation is Possible- When choosing your residence, transportation can play a key factor. If you don’t plan to have a vehicle, the public transportation system should meet your needs.

-Dining Out is a Hit- Dining can play a significant role in the overall happiness of being someplace. To really enjoy the place you live, be sure they have the type of restaurants you enjoy.

-There is a Grocery Store within 40 miles- For emergency purposes and otherwise, it’s good to have a convenience store, whether it’s a Walmart or a local grocery store within 40 miles or less of the city you live.

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