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We keep a pro-active approach to your success and income possibilities. Our objective is to help you achieve your investment goals by ensuring your venture is optimized and revenue is maximized no matter how you chose to work with us.


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The more consolidated and competitive the industry becomes the more separation there will be between those who have economy of scale benefits, and those that do not.

Construction & Development

Design & Build

Understanding the entire life cycle of a building allows us build them better.  Your project will be treated as our own, and therefore on time and on budget. Knowing and understanding the construction methods is only half of what makes a successful build possible.


Feasibility Studies

A Market and Feasibility Study are important mile stones to ensure functionality and is the primary, proven method to ensure investment goals are met.


Joint Venture

We offer joint venture partnerships for both existing self-storage facilities as well as ground-up development. Aligning interests and maximizing opportunities allows for a more competitive edge.


Hear what some of our successful clients have to say:

  • "The team at Self Storage Consulting Group has a deep knowledge of the industry and were able to lay out a complete plan for our project from site selection through construction and from marketing to employee management to accounting. They truly are a master of the industry. We owe a huge amount of our self-storage success to SSCG."

    John Yeatman Spitfire Holdings, LLC. – Feasibility Study Client
  • " Working with SSCG in a Joint Venture capacity has given us unbridled access to a wealth of knowledge, expertise and resources. It has also streamlined our systems as we underwrite current and future projects. Providing SSCG equity ownership, inlieu of Management Fees, has not only aligned our interests extremely well, it has decreased our initial cash outlay during lease-up, when cash is most tight. We are excited to be working with SSCG, and plan to engage in many more projects with SSCG under this structure going into the future!"

    Steve Wallace JV Partner
  • " We own 3 self-storage facilities in California. To us, Greg Ellsworth and the SSCG team represent the very best in Self Storage management. They have managed our properties for over 2 years; all are performing better than ever before. SSCG's attention to detail is superb; income and occupancy are maximized, their personnel are top-notch, delinquencies are down and expenses are closely managed. They stay in close contact with weekly snapshots and detailed monthly reports. We could not be more pleased."

    Brent Aasen Property Management Client
  • " We are impressed with the success Self-Storage Consulting Group is achieving with SiteLink's profit generating tools for online rentals with SiteLink eSign, Price Optimizer revenue management and SiteLink Merchant Services. This organization understands that profits are compounded through the use of technology and multiple profit tools."

    Markus Hecker CEO SiteLink - Vendor

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