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The more consolidated and competitive the industry becomes the more separation there will be between those who have economy of scale benefits, and those that don’t. Implementing the industries best practices, tracking your results, and following up; coupled with cost saving economy of scales benefits will help to distinguish you from your competition and lead you to the desired results. Our objective is to manage your self-storage facility in such a way that achieves your investment goals through revenue maximization and cost savings.

  • Greg Ellsworth
    Greg Ellsworth President & Founder

    Greg started his self-storage career in 2009 and founded Self Storage Consulting Group in 2012. As President and Founder Greg has built SSCG into an industry Top 50 management company. Greg believes that by creating easily implemented systems even the most sophisticated management approach and applications can be replicated quickly and easily at each self-storage facility. Greg has his BS in Business Management from UVU.

  • Tami Stauss
    Tami Stauss Operations Manager

    Tami excels in her current role as Operations Manager. Tami is a current member of the Storable Client Advisory Board. CAB member since July 2019. Tami prides herself in employee development, efficient operations and improving sales. Tami’s goal and aim is to have all of properties in SSCG’s portfolio outperform their competitors and offer a better storage experience through a team of highly trained Property Managers. Tami recently successfully beat her second bout with brain cancer.

  • Christina Lobosco
    Christina Lobosco Accounting Manager

    Christina Lobosco joined SSCG in 2015, bringing with her 20 years of accounting experience. She is responsible for review of all financial statements for our management clients, overseeing the accounting staff, and assisting in the compilation of all financial data for feasibility studies. In addition to managing the accounting team at SSCG, she is pursuing a MS in Accountancy with an emphasis in Forensic Accounting.

  • Thomas Dieringer
    Thomas Dieringer Human Resources Director

    Thomas Dieringer is an experienced Human Resources executive with over 25 years’ experience in a variety of industries. His role with SSCG is to partner with Operations and assist in the recruitment and development of employees at all levels. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Bowling Green State

  • McKenzie Harrington
    McKenzie Harrington Marketing Manager

    McKenzie Hoopes joined the SSCG team with 7 years’ experience in customer relations and marketing. In 2011 McKenzie started her own marketing company which she owned and managed for 5 years until she eventually sold it. McKenzie is an experienced marketer in various social media outlets, Google AdWords and Analytics, Adobe Creative Suite, Web Development and so much more. McKenzie attended BYU-Idaho for a BS in Business Management with an emphasis in Marketing.

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