Regular, third party, audits ensure effectiveness
and improves competitiveness.

Self Storage Consulting Group (SSCG) will review the following areas of your business and give you honest feedback AND recommendations for improvement. Knowing what areas could be improved is only half the battle; the road map to execute the recommended improvements is how we differentiate our audits from our competitors. Below are just a few areas we recommend a trained auditor review and verify.

Physical Audit & Site Inspection

All units will be inspected to make sure there are no discrepancies with the walk thru report. Rented units will be verified as rented and over locks will be checked. All vacant units will be inspected to ensure they are empty, clean, and ready to rent. A detailed report of discrepancies and resolutions will be provided.

Deposit &
Cash Audit

The financial audit will verify deposits are made according to schedule and match what the accounting software shows; this includes examination of cash and credit card deposits. The manual receipt book will be checked. Petty cash funds and receipts will be verified. The exceptions report provided by the accounting software will be scrutinized for unusual transactions. The past 60 days are audited.

Agreement Audit

A random sample of 15% of the rental agreements will be verified to ensure accuracy with the accounting software and to ensure they are filled out and filed properly. The customer history for these units will also be checked in the management software to check for unusual transactions. This check will also reconcile the rental agreements with the physical inventory. A report of all units inspected and their status will be provided. The auction files from your last auction will also be inspected for correctness. If you want more rental agreements inspected it can be done, but the price will be more.

Manager Mystery Shop

Your manager will be shopped in person and on the phone to evaluate their sales skills, presentation, and customer service approach. The phone conversation can be recorded and an mp3 recording provided. A written evaluation of things the manager did well along with suggestions for improvement will be provided.


A report derived from your management summary report will be provided to you. This report shows trends and key ratios on occupancy, delinquency, and income. This report will help show how your facility compares to the industry standard and can highlight areas of excellence and areas needing improvement. This report will be derived for a trailing 12 month period.

Operations &
Marketing Audit

Your manager will be interviewed on operational procedures and marketing efforts. From the interview a report highlighting the positive things along with recommendations for areas that may need improvement will be given. Your marketing materials, like the yellow page ad, website, direct mail pieces, and other materials you may have, will be evaluated for effectiveness and use by the manager..

File Review

Reviewing past auctions is a great way to prepare for future auctions. Understanding the common pitfalls, and identifying non-compliance with local and state lien laws is important to protecting yourself and your business. Auctions can be your biggest stumbling block. An audit of your auction files will help identify and resolve past auction folly’s, as well as decrease your liability moving forward.


The retail merchandise will be audited to ensure inventory is accurate. Merchandise reports will be analyzed to ensure merchandise sales are properly recorded.

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