Combining the construction expertise of a General Contractor with the knowledge of the end user.

As a Third Party Operator, we have found that understanding the entire life cycle of a building allows us build them better. What construction concessions can we make to improve operational performance without sacrificing our budget. Your project will be treated as our own, and therefore on time and on budget. Knowing and understanding the construction methods is only half of what makes a successful build possible. You also must understand how slight adjustments in the construction phase can improve operations in the future, and therefore improve the value of your new project.

How It Works

Understanding the entire life cycle of a self storage
facility allows us to help you develop a plan with
operational performance in mind. We are capable
of assisting you every step of the way, from
determining your projects viability to operations.

Step 1

Step 1
Due Diligence

· Market Study
· Site Plan
· DRC – Site Plan Review
· Feasibility Study (Proforma)

Step 2

Step 2

· Site Surveys
· Construction Drawings
· Architect & Consultants
· Entitlements

Step 3

Step 3

· Pre-Construction
· Bids & Review of CD’s
· Construction Administration

Step 4

Step 4
C of O

· Deferred Submittals
· Signs | Cameras
· Keypads | Gates

Step 5

Step 5

· OP Systems
· Database | Merchandise
· Grand Opening

Design & Plan

Specializing in Quality
Self Storage

Our team of Architects and Draftsmen design projects
with the end-user in mind. Understanding the eventual value
of your project is predicated on the net income it can produce.
Our goal is to create projects that are easily maintained after
construction is complete to maximize your value.

optimized & maximized

Helping You as a Storage Owner,
to Maximize Your Investment.

A third-party manager relieves you of the day-to-day burden of operating your site, while turning over the operations to someone who knows how to operate a storage facility. Self Storage Consulting Group has proven we have the knowledge, marketing strategies, operational procedures, and training programs to ensure your facilities success. We make sure your site is optimized and revenue is maximized.

Storage Unit Build


Building it Right the First Time

Whether we are the General Contractor or hired as the
Construction Management Firm, we look at the project from start to
finish ensuring expectations are met allowing the
results speak for themselves. Supply chains are
changing, and sub-contractors are hard to vet quickly.
Our wide network of professional subcontractors allow
us to stay on schedule and budget.

let’s do this

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