Need Assistance Finding Land?

SS Real Estate

We work to help you with land and facility identification and acquisition.

How It Works

SS Real Estate not only helps you identify land but also assists throughout Step 1 of the SSCG’s Development Process.

Step 1

Step 1
Due Diligence

· Market Study
· Site Plan
· DRC – Site Plan Review
· Feasibility Study (Proforma)

Step 2

Step 2

· Site Surveys
· Construction Drawings
· Architect & Consultants
· Entitlements

Step 3

Step 3

· Pre-Construction
· Bids & Review of CD’s
· Construction Administration

Step 4

Step 4
C of O

· Deferred Submittals
· Signs | Cameras
· Keypads | Gates

Step 5

Step 5

· OP Systems
· Database | Merchandise
· Grand Opening

Storage Expert

Dedicated Client Advocate

We work for you and are dedicated to finding you the site that fits your needs. When working with us you get the added benefit of years of professional storage experience and no limitations to the sites we can offer.  If there is a listing available, we will find it!

SS Real Estate
Storage Unit Build

1031 Exchange

We Can Assist

We make dealing with 1031 Echange properties less stressful.  We search all the available listings, making the process for you much easier.  We also have the resources to assist with the Due Diligence process and can provide Financial Proformas.  We are ready to help!

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