SS Solar

Turning an everyday expense into a revenue stream by selling RV Tenants access to a solar-powered trickle charge.

How It Works

As a storage operator, we understand the benefit of offering RV tenants access to power.  We also know what it is like to have to deal with the expense that comes with offering this feature.  This is why we developed a solar system that allows you to equip units with a solar-powered trickle charge.

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New Build or Retro-Fit

SS Solar converts costly infrastructure and monthly electrical fees into the potential for monthly revenue by selling charge controllers and other accessories. The SS Solar trickle charger and roof mounted solar panel take the place of the traditional electrical circuit run to each unit.

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A third-party manager relieves you of the day-to-day burden of operating your site, while turning over the operations to someone who knows how to operate a storage facility. Self Storage Consulting Group has proven we have the knowledge, marketing strategies, operational procedures, and training programs to ensure your facilities success. We make sure your site is optimized and revenue is maximized.

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Facility Benefit

Income Possibilities

SS Solar creates an additional revenue stream. Once your facility has the solar panel installed at each unit, you sell a charge controller to each tenant that wants access to this facility feature.  The charge controller will be owned by the tenant, so if it’s lost or damaged the tenant can purchase a new one from the facility.

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