Storage Mistakes

Many storage users are not aware of common mistakes they make when utilizing their units.
Just because your unit has safety surveillance, it doesn’t mean your storage is completely safe
from damage. Although many are aware of the how important temperature control is, for items
like electronics, clothing and furniture, storage users should be aware of other uncertainties
that can impact their possessions:

  1. Newspaper is commonly used to wrap glass, décor and sensitive items. Newspaper ink
    can smudge and stain your possessions. Eroded newspaper is also known to stick.
  2. Storing food or anything edible should NEVER be the case with storing anything in your
    unit. Edibles not only attract pests, but your food will expire or spoil!
  3. The cheapest storage unit isn’t always the best unit. It may be worth spending a little
    extra to have the temperature/climate control feature, especially if you have fragile
    items like paintings, photographs or antiques. The more delicate of an item, the more
    prone it is to weather damage.
  4. Pack carefully. If you pack anything sharp, make sure it’s not in a packed in a dangerous
    spot. You want to avoid packing wet and dirty items, as it can create mildew and mold.
    All clothing should be washed and packed into cardboard or plastic air-tight lid boxes.
  5. Try not to store too much on the floor. Concrete and metal attracts moisture. If there’s
    ever heavy rain or flooding, it can damage your stuff! Stack your boxes on wood pallets
    and keep them away from walls.

There’s many things to consider when deciding your storage facility. To learn more about
storage tips, watch 10 tips to know about storage, watch this video:

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