Manager Training Program

Step-by-step program designed to educate your manager

Self Storage Consulting Group has developed a step-by-step program designed to educate your manager. There are a variety of different online training programs for self storage managers; however, what they often lack is customization, personal touch, and follow up. Our programs can be customized to your specific site’s needs, they give your manager the opportunity to ask questions, and wework with your staff to ensure the trainings are put into practice. Your manager will also have access to the trainings via this website to review them on demand.

The trainings can be done using webinars or in person.
The trainings cover the following topics:

  • Customer Service Skills
  • Phone Sales Skills
  • Community Marketing
  • Internet Marketing
  • How to Generate Referrals
  • Call Tracking and Conversion Ratios
  • Generating and Closing Internet Leads
  • Facility Maintenance
  • Revenue Management
  • How to Price Your Units
  • Rent Collections and Delinquency Schedules
  • Effective Operational Procedures
  • Useful Office Forms
  • How to Motivate Your Staff

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Why Management Training?

In today’s competitive storage industry, it is crucial your manager be properly trained and motivated. Your manager is the most important member of your storage team. It is the manager who is the face of your company, who interacts with the customers, who implements company policy, and who can make or break your business. You have invested a lot of money to build or acquire your storage site. It is important you invest in your manager to make your storage investment as lucrative as possible We can help your manager gain and implement the knowledge they need to be the best manager they are capable of being. In order for a manager to be successful, they need to keep learning. Our system of continuing education and training will help your manager stay motivated and perform at their highest level. We have helped many managers in the self storage industry improve their performance which directly improve the company and helps increase revenues.

As you see in the example below, a well-trained
manager will increase your revenue.

Average Manager

Storage Inquiries

Inquiries Converted Into Rentals

Lifetime Revenue Per Customer

Impact On Facility Revenue

Well Trained Manager

Storage Inquiries

Inquiries Converted Into Rentals

Lifetime Revenue Per Customer

Impact On Facility Revenue

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